Let your cottage through us


Let your cottage through us

Do you want us to let your cottage for you? Finance your cottage in Sälen by renting it out when you are not using it!

How is it done:

• GuMo inspects the cottage and suggests improvements if needed as well ass give an appraisal of possible rental income. We send you the suggested prices by email for your approval. You decide which weeks you want to keep for your own use before it is published on our website GuMo.se

• When we have published the cottage, you still have the opportunity to reserve weeks for your own use, or release weeks you have previously reserved.

• When a booking is made an email is sent to inform you of the booking.

 •GuMo arranges for the heating to be adjusted before and after the stay if the cottage is not to be used for a longer period of time. If its 2 week untill next guest comes we leave the heating on.

 • If there are things that need to be done while a guest is staying in the cottage, for example if there is  a problem with the television, GuMo will fix the problem and charge the owner. We always try to contact the owner in advance to inform him/her before fixing the problem if there is a cost involved.

 • GoMo inspects the cottage after each rental period to ensure that it has been properly cleaned.

• Payment will be made to the account specified by the Cabinet owner by the 7th of the month following the tenant's departure date.

• We need at least 5 keys to the house that you want to rent out.

• You can also let your timeshare property through us