Terms and conditions

Prices in the original currency (SEK) apply. Any deviation from the following terms and conditions is valid only if both parties have signed a special agreement governing such matters.


The following general terms and conditions apply to GuMo and parties who enter into an agreement (reservation of lodging) with GuMo according to what is stated in the booking confirmation. The conditions apply in all cases unless Swedish or other relevant law does not conflict with the conditions. For private consumers, the Swedish Consumer protection Act and Distance Purchase Act regulate agreements between GuMo and the consumer. More information is available on the website of the Swedish Consumer National Board of Consumer Complaints, www.kov.se.


The deposit (booking fee) of 1000 SEK is non-refundable hence the booking fee is not refunded if the guest fails to pay the remaining amount by the due date. GuMo reserves the right to cancel any booking if the guest has not paid in time.

Any person entering into a booking agreement with GuMo must be aged 23 or older. All members of a party staying in a lodging rented through GuMo who are under the age of 23, must be accompanied by a legal guardian. All members of the party must show valid identification before being given access to the lodging. GuMo reserves the right to refuse or evict any guest who does not fulfill this condition, without leaving any economic compensation. Reservations made in another person's name without that persons consent, and other actions leading to GuMo suffering economic damage will be reported to the Police. GuMo does not accept responsibility for any typographical errors, errors in information or in the specifications, concerning all GuMos range of products and services. All pictures should be seen as illustrations only and do not guarantee the exact appearance and characteristics of the lodging.


VAT is included in all prices. Advance payments can be made by credit card or via the Internet. We use the CertiTrades payment system (www.certitrade.net), which allows payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. For credit / debit card payments the booking conditions apply as soon as the card transaction is approved. An interest rate of 12% per month will be charged on late payments from the due date. GuMo does not accept responsibility for changes in prices, incorrect prices and non-availability. If the price clearly incorrect, GuMo has the right to cancel the booking and return the amount paid in the best possible manner. Cancellation on these grounds may occur at any time in the booking process, when the error is detected. If the booking is cancelled on these grounds, the cause of the error is to be clearly explained to the customer.


Bookings are binding and cancellation can only be made if Cancellation insurance has been purchased, and only in case of illness or serious injury. The guest must show a relevant medical certificate from a registered doctor. The total amount paid will then be refunded, less the amount paid for cancellation insurance.

Force Majeure

Events such as war, natural disaster, strikes, government decisions, and other events that cause an increase in prices, and similar events outside GuMos control, that Gumo not reasonably could have anticipated, shall be regarded as force majeure, thereby giving GuMo the right to withdraw from the agreement.


GuMo reserves the right to amend any information, including, but not limited to prices, technical specifications and product offerings without prior notice. If the lodging specified in the booking confirmation is sold out, or if a lodging is no longer available, GuMo reserves the right to cancel the purchase and refund any amount paid in the best possible manner. GuMo must inform the customer if equivalent replacement products are available.