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Welcome to GuMo!
We hope you will enjoy doing business with us, and that our cooperation will continue for a long time to come. We would also like to urge you to contact immediately if there is something you’d like to know. We we will answer your questions by phone and email: 0280-263 50 or Below is more information about who we and the services we offer.

Snow blower
Need help shoveling to your cottage in Salen? Call and email us at 0280-26350 or

GuMo - a family business with a 30 year history.
It has been 30 years since the day Gunnar Moberg founded GuMo. At the time he was often engaged to look after properties in the ski area. In time he saw the opportunity to start his own business as a Property manager and Vacation rental agency. By 1994 Gunnar decided that he was ready to move on and Yvonne and Lasse Aronsson took over the business. They led GuMo until 2009 when their daughter Kicki Arons­son took over the helm.

Today GuMo is one of the most experienced vacation rental companies in the area, supplying vacation rentals all over Sälen and, all with their own personal character.

The service includes us checking your property every two weeks. We inspect the exterior as well as the interior to ensure everything is in order. The service also includes you being able to contact us minimum three days before you intend to arrive to your house. We prepare the house for your arrival by for example turning on the heating, fridge and water heater, so that your arrival will be pleasant and hassle free. Should any problems arise we also find you the right tradesmen. The supervision service costs from 2750 SEK per year (including VAT).

Letting your house
First we review your property to leave a quote for you on the possible rental income. We add your property to our website where you can use a code to view the price, any pictures and the description we suggest. If you think everything is in order, you choose which weeks you want to let the cottage. Those weeks will be shown as vacant on where potential guests can book directly. (You can always change your available weeks, although GuMo has the right to make a preliminary booking for a guest and reserve the property for one day.)
When a reservation is made​​ you receive an email or a letter from us informing you of the booking. Payment to you as the owner is paid the month after the actual rental took place. (For example, the guest left the house on November 20, payments made ​​to you in early December). Currently, GuMo’s commission is 25% plus VAT, explained by the following:
The guest pays                     GuMo's commission             VAT                For you
1000SEK                              250SEK                                73SEK            688SEK

Key handing/delivery
You can also add bookings, and enter them in the web based booking system. In those cases we can take care of with key service. You make sure that the guest finds us (the description is on the website) and then we provide the guest with the key and a map to the house. The guest returns the key to us. The service costs 120 SEK (including VAT) if you yourself enter the details on the web, and 220 SEK (incl. VAT) if you ask GuMo enter the details of the key delivery.  Letting your cottage certain weeks is free of charge, if we are not taking care of the key service for that arrival.

Key Storage
If you lose, forget to bring, or need to provide a key for tradesmen, it may be a good idea to leave a spare key with us. We store your keys for just 315 SEK per year (including VAT).
Once more we bid you welcome to GuMo!
/ Kiki Aronson with family